Feedback time
Saturday, July 18, 2015 1:55 PM 0 Comment
Hi and Asssalamualaikum. again, everyone. This post is just to menjawab all this kind of question. (alah bajet diva pulak pui.)

Soalan soalan sebegini sudah beberapa bulan menjadi tanda tanya sesetengah pengikut tegar dialam media sosial dan masih lagi pending.... Oh crap. reason why i cant say in bahasa. Bukan nak showoff atau tidak mengiktiraf bahasa melayu. its just.. i feel a bit (criket sound) la saying everything in malay. Ampun once again.

Oh ya, back to our sub where my instagram and twitter account has been successfully deleted few months ago. And ppl wonder, why would i do so? Oh its just my privacy where i need to turn off my ke-divaan. Hahaha *eye rolling. Silalah muntah. Nooo, its because i feel my life and my relay would be much ease without this social war. Fact, i dnt need them at all. I already have what i want in life. My Future and my love one. Oh terrrover pulek. tehee 

So those unfunctionable navi button over there (sambil tunding button button atas sebelah kiri tu semuanya use-less belaka except for the Facebook button lah where the only social site that you can find me. Peace yo!

Ah haa kalau rasa i still tak menjawab soalan, silakan lah put your ? on my chatbox. I will answer whatever you wish to ask. Bye.